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OnPlace is a FinTech platform that is creating a decentralised Over-the-Counter Investment Industry. OnPlace aims to make the VC world more efficient by using Blockchain technology to dispose of unnecessary complexity, allowing to elicit maximum potential of investments. The concept of the Private Assets Tokenization System (PATS) protocol lies in tokenising over-the-counter (OTC) assets for customers to invest into, and creating liquidity for the OTC environment.

How it works

What happens when we tokenizing private assets

OnPlace is an investment platform that allows anyone to invest in the best Venture Capital choices. Before OnPlace, VC funds were limited to hedge funds and high net worth family funds. Now anyone has the ability to invest in VC funds managed by some of the best investors in the world.
We are creating a transparent and efficient investment vehicle that runs on blockchain technology. Blockchain and smart contract technology will replace the need for legal documentation processes, lawyers and accountants. All activity will not only be transparent, but also impossible to falsify. Moreover, our revenue model eliminates all transaction fees, including typical closing costs.

Competition Comparison


Tokenization of the process of investing into shares of private companies has a number of serious advantages in comparison to the approaches existing in the market today:

  • The threshold for investors is essentially cut from tens of thousands of dollars to a dollar available to any beginning investor.
  • Transaction expenses are lowered by 50 times.
  • The usage of digital tokens allows one to overcome difficulties of inputs and withdrawals from deals, ensuring high liquidity which has only been available through the usage of tools located on exchanges.
  • PATS protocol token will provide maximum information in regards to an asset that is at its basis, which expands the opportunities of investment analysis.
  • For this reason, the realization of such a wide range of tokenization advantages will lead to the expansion of all parties involved in the transaction in an incredible way (from the “closed” circle of qualified investors to the broad community of the crypto-industry).

The cycle of digital tokenized PATS assets circulation

A typical tokenized asset created and managed within the specifications of PATS protocol holds an opportunity to go through 4 major stages, due to the direct specifics and nature of the underlying asset itself.
Using PATS functionality allows to input digital tokenized assets into circulation that, according to the timeframe attribute on the roadmap, will circulate within the following 3 major stages, essentially being the significant events in the development of the company’s business that is backed by its shares.
High liquidity of the tokens (observed daily) is achieved due to their circulation on an exchange, while within the PATS protocol the token holders are able to trade them for liquid cryptocurrencies as significant major events come up – the next qualified round of financing, one of the last stage rounds of financing, during which most holders decide to withdraw an asset, or directly at the time of the company’s IPO.

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Core members

Everyone in a team has a different role, but every role comes together towards a single goal, and all team members are committed to go a long way, bringing the company to success. Investing experience over 20 years. Experience in analysis over 12 years. Working with Big data over 5 years.
Evgeniy Perikov
OnPlace Inc. Founder
An investor of American and Chinese IT companies. Has been an active cryptocurrency investor and blockchain enthusiast since 2016. From 2009 to 2015 worked in the transportation department of "Olympstroy" building company. In 2016 he founded and successfully developed a hotel business in Russia.
Dmitriy Kovalev
Search Engine Optimization Specialist
Finished Kuban State University with a degree in Geoinformatics. Participated in the development of KubSU's geoinformatics portal. Specialist in the field of information security. Has been developing software for automating routine processes in the field of system administration for more than 5 years.
Andrey Rublev
Web Designer and Illustrator
Expert in the sphere of visual branding and interface design for software, mobile applications and websites. Specializes in ICO startups and consultations in regards to user-friendliness. Brand book developer of "Transmission" and "OnPlace Inc".
Eduard Dolgikh
Content and Social Media Manager
An expert in the sphere of content creation who has a lot of experience in conducting promotions in social networks. Collaborates with popular brands and celebrities of the show industry. Specialist in communication construction. Conducts a popular blog on Instagram.
Ruslan Vasiliev
Front-end Developer
Front-end sight and web applications developer. Works with HTML, SCSS, JavaScript, JQuery.